According to the Rolling Stones, it's "just finding" that we get what we need.

It's hard to "just find" anything, to stumble across something new or different, if you always get exactly what you are looking for.

A lot of great songs were only discovered because someone accidentally played the "B-side" of a record.

Alexander Fleming only discovered penicillin because he forgot to close a petri dish.

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(Not a great analogy, but I like to throw that one out there.)

I realize not too many people are considering the loss of mystery or real discovery while they're busy clicking through the "full house becky donaldson" results on Google. Fair enough.

But try a little experiment by not looking something up right away and see if you feel frustrated. Then see if you can challenge yourself to live with not knowing something, with not checking that e-mail, with feeling the impatience but not giving in to it.

It's surely not what you want, but it might be what you need. You might not get the answer you were looking for, but you might learn a thing or two about yourself.

Don't worry, I'm not wishing for some kind of mass return to the pre-Internet days.

Besides, as comedian Dane Cook points out, even instant gratification will probably reach its limits.

"In the year 3000, everything will be instant, but the [Department of Motor Vehicles] will still take, like, nine seconds," he said.

The more things change...