Ryan mentioned that the Target pharmacy in Bel Air handles a lot of prescriptions.

He clarified after the workshop that the Bel Air location is "one of the busiest Targets" east of the Mississippi.

While this is only what he has been told by other pharmacists not with the chain store, Ryan could say that it is "extremely busy there."

Also after the workshop, Rue spoke about how she has been affected by addiction in her life.

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When Rue attended college, she said she saw recreational rug use, including people taking Xanax then drinking and blacking out, sometimes winding up in the emergency room.

"It's like candy," she said of the drug. Rue added that Adderall was another frequent drug used by college students and some people would get the prescription for free through their parent's health insurance then sell the pills for $5 each.

In the program, Rue said she sees mostly people between 18 and 25 years old. Older people, however, seem to get addicted to opiates after they are prescribed them by a doctor.

Additionally, Rue said, her older sister is an addict and met her fiancé in rehab.

"We couldn't enable them anymore," she said of why they don't stay in touch.

Having addiction in her family is one reason why she decided to begin working for Turning Corners in October.

"Most of the people in our program are a pleasure," she said. "It's refreshing to know that it [addiction] is not something to stigmatize. Everyone is different. It's refreshing to see the way people change."