Weissert also agreed the most important event of last year was the weather.

She noted the company kitchen served three meals for three days to 60 firefighters, deputies and anyone in the company who did not have electricity at their homes.

"It was very moving to see everyone in the company working together as one," she said.

Service milestones honored

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President Ralph Borden handed out pins to John Bosley for five years of service; Angie Gullion, Michael Vincent and Rhonda White for 10 years of service; Larry Lee, Michael Harkins and Edna Reeves for at least 20 years of service; and Donald Cassett for 55 years of service.

Borden mentioned that members of the Ladies' Auxiliary were not recognized for the service award until more recently.

"Many of these folks, like [Reeves], served for a lot more than they are getting credit for," he said.

Glassman said he grew up in the fire companies at Level and Darlington, and made special mention of the women who served there.

A likely county executive candidate in 2014, Glassman had been teased earlier by the emcees for holding a ladies' luncheon with women from the community.

"I know how much work they do to build up these fire companies and keep our churches going," he said. "These are the kinds of ladies I like to recognize, and God bless you."

Award sponsors Darlington Lions Club, Professional Associates and Tidewater Promotions were also recognized with certificates. Wawa was also recognized with a certificate for helping serve the emergency responders.

The Darlington Lions Club also presented the fire company with a $500 check.

Top responders

The top fire responders were: Jerry Scarborough with 301 calls; George Rockey with 256 calls; Rhonda White with 242 calls; Spencer Tolliver and Michael Nelson (tied) with 210 calls; John Singleton with 201 calls; Arnie Hitchock with 193 calls; John Bosley with 175 calls; Raymond Evans with 161 calls; Chip Wieman with 160 calls; and Robert Nelson with 154 calls.

The top EMS responders were: Carolyn Phillips with 169 calls; R. Donald Thomas with 149 calls; Shirley Thompson with 122 calls; Edna Reeves with 114 calls; J. Alan Thompson with 95 calls; Jason Gullion with 78 calls; Linda Thomas with 77 calls; Raymond Evans with 75 calls; Rhonda White with 64 calls; and Vanessa Burns with 57 calls.

The top administrative responders were: Edna Reeves with 738.5 total hours; Connie Weissert with 419 hours; Diane Jones with 350 hours; Mary Hickman with 334.5 hours; Carolyn Phillips with 283 hours; Larry Lee with 265 hours; Tom Taylor with 249 hours; Amy DuBree with 237.5 hours; Donald Cassett with 228.5 hours; Shirley Thompson with 202 hours.