Public Works

a) Solid Waste management

b) Water and Sewer Authority

c) Transportation improvements

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Public Safety

Land Use – effectively managing State mandates

Additional support and assistance to community agencies, such as:


b) Southern Resource Center

c) The Humane Society

d) The Harford Center

Enhancing the County's communication and technology capabilities

And, continuing our efforts in keeping compensation and benefit packages for employees competitive.

Harford County can be proud of what we have accomplished during the past seven years, and we have a number of challenges left ahead of us.

Nonetheless, we have a bright future, filled with endless possibilities and a vision for moving forward.

Council President Boniface, the Administration will continue to work in partnership with the County Council, our federal partners at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, the business community and local stakeholders in an effort to fulfill our dreams, hopes and aspirations for a better Harford County now and for future generations.

Thank you.