-The council announced it is Emergency Preparedness Month and deputy manager Rick Ayers reminded residents to have three days worth of water, have food in storage and be prepared for emergencies.

"I hate to say it, but we are in the age of terrorism and we do have a power plant across the border in Pennsylvania that could affect Harford County," he said, adding Harford also has a major interstate and prominent bridge in it.

"The federal government will be there eventually during a disaster, but if you remember Hurricane Katrina, it was four, five, six days when they got there," he said.

-Ryan Burbey, the new Harford County Education Association president, said he got the value of education being a top priority from his grandfather, who helped build Mountain Christian Church but only had an eighth grade education.

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Burbey said that is no longer possible in today's world and government entities need to compromise with other organizations so everyone can move forward together.

He asked the council to move beyond the "politics of bashing public servants" and applauded the activism of the residents in the audience.

-Annie S. Brock was appointed to the Commission for Women.

-Richard Sparr was appointed to the Human Relations Commission.

-Kemba Lydia-Moore was appointed to the Harford County Community Mediation Commission.

-Alan Getz and Stanley Getz were recognized for their lifelong contribution to life in Harford County, including giving funding to establish a children's park on Route 24. Councilman Jim McMahan presented them with two slingshots he said they used to shoot stones as children.

Alan Getz said of Bel Air and Harford County: "It was a great place for me to grow up, for my children to grow up and the community has always pulled together."

-Council members mentioned the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Dion Guthrie said: "One thing I think we all remember from that day [is] you all remember where you were and what happened."

-Councilman Joe Woods said while the week of 9/11 is always hard for him, it was made harder this year because of the deaths of Harford County Sheriff's Cpl. Charles Licato and Aberdeen Police Ofc. Charles Armetta. "It's been a hard week. God bless everyone," Woods said.