Someone stole a truck Thursday at the Food Lion in the 2400 block of Churchville Road.

The driver of a vehicle was trespassing and blocking Byron Court Thursday.

Shots were heard Thursday in the woods of the 1000 block of Saddleback Way.

Juveniles were hanging around a dark house before taking off Saturday in the 500 block of Country Ridge Circle.

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Someone broke into a vehicle and stole house keys, cash and other items Sunday in the 100 block of Bower Lane.

A dog tried to bite someone Sunday in the first block of Rockdale Avenue.

Someone was looking through binoculars at the Verizon Wireless store Sunday in the first block of Bel Air South Parkway.


A truck was racing up and down Cedar Church Road and Hughes Road Thursday.

A property was vandalized Thursday in the 3900 block of Paddrick Road.

Juveniles were reported smoking drugs Thursday at Point to Point Square and Hunters Chase.

A dog was left in a vehicle for three hours Thursday in the 1600 block of Michelle Court.

A truck dumped trash all over the road Friday in the 1400 block of Creswell Road.

Someone set a mailbox on fire Friday in the 2800 block of Creswell Road.

People dressed as ninjas were walking down the street Friday in the 800 block of High Plain Drive.

Juveniles were jumping out in front of cars Friday at Runnymede Lane and Southampton Road.

An underage drinking party was reported Saturday on Santa Anita Court.

An underage drinking party was reported Saturday in the 1800 block of Woodhome Drive.

Someone heard possible shots fired Saturday at Laurel Bush and East Wheel roads.

Someone stole from a vehicle Saturday in the 2800 block of College View Drive.