He knew quite a bit about "House of Cards," and said he would enjoy being part of it.

"I like the plot of the show. This is something kind of different from what I am usually in," Gaus said, explaining he usually plays more "rugged"-looking characters.

"I thought it was something interesting and fun. I really like Kevin Spacey's work," he said.

Steven Lockwood, from Elkton, said he studied film at The Art Institute of Philadelphia and has been an extra on "The Dark Knight Rises."

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"I never really acted too much before," he said. "I was always interested in film."

Phaedra Williams, of Pasadena, was also dressed for business as she came out of the Armory.

She had never acted before but hoped this could be the start of bigger things.

"I just tried out because I am looking for an acting career," she explained, adding she is glad the casting call was in Maryland and saying "House of Cards" would make sense for her.

"I think it fits my character type of, like, business," Williams said.

Others were not necessarily looking for a career, but liked the idea of being on screen.

Jeffrey White, of Abingdon, who was crisply dressed with black shades, said he saw the casting call on a commercial.

"I was at home watching TV, so I thought, hey, might as well try out," White said, adding he could see himself playing a lobbyist.

He admitted he did not know too much about the show, but another hopeful actor filled him in.

The open call, meanwhile, "wasn't too time-consuming," he said.

Joe Budzynski, of Joppa, said he retired from a state job two years ago and tried out "just for the heck of it, just something to do."

"I don't care about the money or anything," Budzynski explained.

Bel Air town commissioner Rob Reier, who was standing by Heidenreich, said he thought the casting call could only be good for the town.

"I think it's outstanding. Anytime we have an event like that where we can bring people in and showcase the town is really fantastic," Reier said.