"They were always sociable, they were fun to be around, they've got friends all over Cecil County, they've got friends in Harford County," he said.

David Bauguess had been trying to find work, having just gotten out of jail, which Farmer criticized for not giving him any job support.

"We got him a tattoo shop," Farmer said. "He was getting ready to try to open one… He drew real good."

According to Maryland electronic court records, David Bauguess was sentenced to serve two years of a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to robbery in 2004. News reports of the April 2003 incident said he allegedly demanded money from a clerk at the Royal Farms in Churchville, threw hot coffee in the clerk's and took about $100.

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Court records indicate the sentence was extended by six months in 2005, after he pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon while an inmate at the Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, although a notation in this case file indicated he was still incarcerated in 2010. No later information is shown in the electronic records.

Ashley Bauguess was trying to go back to school, Farmer said. Having dropped out of Harford Community College, she was debating between going to Harford or Cecil College.

Two Harford County councilmen sent their condolences to the Bauguess' family during Tuesday's night's council meeting.

"Unfortunately, three young Fallston residents passed away," Councilman Joe Woods, who represents the Fallston area, said. "Best wishes to you, and God be with you."

Councilman Chad Shrodes also mentioned the tragedy.

"My prayers are with the Bauguess family," he said, calling the accident "horrific."

Shrodes also encouraged everyone to pray for the two other people who were hurt in the accident, one of whom, Ryan B. Cooper, is the son of county Public Works Director Bob Cooper.

The Bauguess family also has been getting an outpouring of support online, Farmer said.

"It's all over Facebook," he said. "I've got people trying to donate money. I got 15 calls a day [from people] trying to make donations."