At least three cars were broken into Sunday in the 200 through 400 blocks of Woodland Green Way. A purse was taken from one of them.

Items were taken from two cars in the 400 block of Woodedge Garth on Sunday.

Two bicycles were stolen Sunday from the 100 block of Baltimore Street.

A bicycle was stolen Monday from the 400 block of Oak Street.

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Money was taken sometime over the weekend at the York Building, in the 900 block of Old Philadelphia Boulevard.


Julia Carol Noble, 24, of the 800 block of West Baerk Avenue, was charged Friday with trespassing, failure to obey a lawful police order, disorderly conduct and second-degree assault.

David Alan Freed, 26, of the 2900 block of Harrogate Way, was charged Saturday with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, vandalism more than $500, failure to obey a lawful police order and being an inmate causing contact with bodily fluid as well as several drinking and driving and traffic offenses..

Nikolas James Wilson, 20, of the 500 block of Nanticoke Court, was arrested Saturday on a bench warrant in a case in which he was charged with two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.

A vacant home in the 3500 block of Cokesbury Road was broken into Thursday and vandalized.

A gas blower was found Thursday in the 400 block of Deerhill Circle.

A vehicle was vandalized Friday in the 2700 block of Singer Woods Drive.

A car was broken into overnight Friday in the 4000 block of Sharilynn Drive.

Drugs were being dealt in the street Saturday in the 3700 block of Washington Avenue.

Gunshots were heard Saturday on Abingdon Road and the 1200 block of Hatfield Court.

A wallet was stolen Tuesday in the 3700 block of Longley Road.

Juveniles were ringing doorbells and running Sunday near Freestone Court and Foreland Garth.

A home was broken into in the 2900 block of Colchester Court Sunday.

Drugs were smelled in a building Thursday in the 100 block of Waldon Road.

A dog was locked in a car Thursday on Wegmans Boulevard.