Happy July 17 birthday to Margaret Gosweiler.

Birthday wishes to my sister, Cindi Labant, who will celebrate on July 19. Love and kisses from hubby, Doug, and daughter, Carly.

Happy birthday to Peggy Scholl, who celebrates her birthday on July 19. Love from Doc, Bonnie, Doug, Amy, Brenden, Chrissie, Greg, Julia, Reba, Ashley, Reba and Nate.

Birthday wishes are sent to Bill Triplett from his old friend, Herb Southall on July 19.

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Happy July 22 birthday to the fudge lady, Brenda Conjour.

Becky Kennedy is set July 22 birthday wishes.

Nancy Ford is sent July 18 birthday wishes from the Grand Family of 2012-2013 of the Grand Chapter of Maryland Order of the Eastern Star.

Jimmy and Lexa Roland are sent anniversary wishes on their sixth wedding anniversary July 14, when Brenda and Leon Conjour also celebrate.

Denny and Sheila Funk are sent July 12 wedding anniversary wishes.

Happy belated 58th wedding anniversary to Charles and Mary Grace Smith.

Get well wishes and thinking of you wishes go to Frankie Garland, Doris Hess, Meryl McLaughlin, Doris and Ralph Speakman, Betty McFadden, Betty and Jim Fayer, Bo Sinclair, Georgia Gransky, Helen Wood Bagley, Frances Riale, Marianne and Tom Pryer, June Peddicord, Gertrude Fassell, Dona and Andy Larkins, Bonnie Wagner, Ray Trott, Ethel Dill, Pastor Henry Schaefer, Terry Thurman, Leslie Dissek, Stephen Pyle, Vicki Snyder, Bobby Steward, Nancy Quinn, Adam Zeller, Sandy Brooks, Janet and Pastor Neale Wirtanen, Gisela Knapp, Kit Harris, Sharon Todd, Margaret Gosweiler, Wayne Erickson, Pauline Gosweiler, Ed Illick, Rosemary Ronning, June Gangel, Joe Pacifico, Herb Southall, Mary Lou Southall, Bonnie Donoho and Peggy Scholl.

Thank you to all those who submit articles for the column. Keep those birthdays, anniversaries, special parties and celebrations, family functions, vacations and anything you want to see in print coming to me at pvnotes@verizon.net. And don't forget to mark the subject line "ARTICLE FOR THE RECORD".

Remember this – We live in the land of the free – because of the brave!! Thank a soldier today!

Today in history per the Cecil County Almanac, July 12: The Jackson Pickett Guard began publication in Elkton in 1856.

Today in U.S. history, July 12: Henry David Thoreau was born in 1817.