In another business-friendly matter at Monday's council meeting, Mayor Wayne Dougherty proposed a property tax credit he said would provide some relief for the city's small businesses.

Under the mayor's proposal, businesses would get a credit of up to $500 and must prove they are at least 10 percent owned by a Havre de Grace resident and least 10 percent of their employees are Havre de Grace residents.

"Most small businesses in Havre de Grace could apply and eliminate property taxes in their entirety," Dougherty said, explaining his program is intended to promote widespread participation.

The program would cost the city $95,000 annually in revenue.

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Dougherty said he hopes to hold a work session on the proposal.

"As we move along over the next couple of months, I would like to get a work session on it," he said.


Craig, meanwhile, who was absent from the last council meeting, said he was "disheartened" to see the sustainability resolution was hastily approved with numerous amendments during his absence.

He said the resolution made it seem like its proponents were just eager to move on without discussing any aspect of the program, including its costs, benefits or drawbacks.

Craig said he hoped the council would reconsider the resolution and bring it back on the table.

Cullum disagreed, saying he believed the amendments kept the city "from committing to a lot of unnecessary things we did not need to commit to at this time."

Wagner said the original resolution she had presented, which was very simple, was substantially changed.

The council then voted 4 to 2 in support of a motion to reconsider the sustainability resolution. Cullum and Miller voted against the motion.

The council also agreed to hold a public hearing on the resolution during the next council meeting on Dec. 19.

Personnel discussion

Following its regular public meeting Monday, the council went into a closed session to discuss personnel matters related to the employment contracts of Planning Director Neal Mills, DeHority the finance director and an amendment to the contract of Police Chief Teresa Walter