Two contracts requested by Harford County's information and communication technology department were approved Thursday by the Harford County Board of Estimates.

The contracts, however, are for management systems that affect the entire county.

Logical Consulting Group LLC, of Towson, will do phase two of the county's tax billing and receivables system for $549,069.92. The contract is for no longer than 12 months.

The proposal was publicly advertised and seven firms were notified. Only one responded.

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Board member Warren Hamilton asked why there was only one responsive bid.

Logical was brought in at the end of phase one to fix issues, Ted Pibil, information and communication technology director, said, and businesses typically shy away from projects started by another company.

"It's a critical program to Harford County," Pibil said. With this in mind, the proposal had a requirement that the company have experience with high-volume tax revenue systems. "We didn't want to take any chances."

A change order for $42,475 was approved to add the county's records management module to the current Laserfiche software and purchase 20 additional user licenses. The total contract with General Code, of Rochester, N.Y., is now $215,140.

The additional licenses are needed, Pibil explained, because more county agencies are using it and soon the Harford County Sheriff's Office will scan its documents into the system.

In addition, several departments follow state mandates that require specific documents to be destroyed after a number of years.

The current Laserfiche software has "no way to see how long things are kept there," Pibil said. The additional software will be able to keep track of it.

Trade services

Colossal Contractors Inc., of Burtonsville, and EARN Contractors Inc., of Gaithersburg, will provide various in-house maintenance and renovation projects throughout the county for a contract not to exceed $500,000.

The contract, which encompasses services such as general contracting, painting, plumbing, roofing and masonry, is for one year with two additional one-year options.

"Due to the nature of a particular renovation or repair," reads a memo to Director of Procurement Debbie Henderson, "the availability of in-house staff, and/or the skill set of the in-house staff, a qualified contractor(s) will be solicited to perform selected tasks."

Colossal and Earn were the two lowest bidders out of 11 total responsive bids.

Colossal will be used for under projects costing less than $5,000 and both Colossal and Earn will be solicited for quotes for work more than that amount, but less than $25,000.

Hamilton asked if the county was familiar with the firms.

The companies are new to Harford County, Tim Myers, chief of facilities and operations, said. References, however, were checked and both have "glowing references."

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