Sarah and Allen Colenda are wished a very happy March 7 anniversary.

On March 4 Charles and Kit Harris will celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Get well wishes and thinking of you wishes go to Doris Hess, Meryl McLaughlin, Doris and Ralph Speakman, Betty McFadden, Mike Caldwell, Jim Fayer, June Yale, Bo Sinclair, Georgia Gransky, Helen Wood Bagley, Frances Riale, Marianne and Tom Pryer, Gail Ashby, Kathy Collette, Herb Southall, Bonnie Donoho, Peggy Scholl, Wilbur Scholl, Corine Yeagle, June Peddicord, Harriett Schmick, Arthur Holley, Gertrude Fassell, David and Mary Lake, Dona and Andy Larkins, Barbara Lucas, Bonnie Wagner, Carolyn Kulp, Brenda Aliff, Joan Elliott, Cheryl Simms, Ann Hillsman, Elbert Swiney, Ray Trott, Aileen Squires, Glenn Haynes, Jean Oliver-Haynes, Bonnie Plickta, Jim Penley, Randi Jenkins, Cindi Labant, Jimmy Glatts, Adam Zeller, Sheila Funk, Lois Wright, Sandy Brooks, Glenn Beichler, Janet Wirtanen and Pastor Neale Wirtanen, Gisela Knapp, Kit Harris, Sharon Todd, Margaret Gosweiler, Cleo Ward and June Gangel.

Condolences are being sent to the family of Ruth Morlok on her passing last week.

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The last Grand Visitation of the Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron and Grand Officers of 2012 – 2013 for the year was held at Daughters of Job Chapter No. 74 at the Scottish Rite Temple in Baltimore. The Worthy Matron Sister Carolyn Kulp and Worthy Patron Brother William D. Sanner greeted the Worthy Grand Matron Sister Debbie Hribar and Worthy Grand Patron Brother David Hall and other Grand officers at their meeting.

Those greeted included Worthy Grand Matron Sister Debbie Hribar; Worthy Grand Patron Brother David Hall; Associate Grand Patron Brother Bill Gunn; Grand Treasurer Sister Patti Snell; Grand Conductress Sister Claudia Eaton; Grand Trustees Sister Leslie Gilliam, PGM and Brother Jon Thompson, PGP; Grand Chaplain Sister Elaine Niemeyer; Grand Lecturer Sister Jean Chance, PGM; Grand Marshal Sister Judy Birckhead; Grand Organist Sister Donna Runyan; Grand Adah Sister Toby Harvie; Grand Ruth Sister Beverly Geisler; Grand Electa Sister Sharon Earl; Grand Martha Sister Beverly Southall, Grand Electa Sister Loretta Donaldson; and Grand Sentinel Brother Cecil Jones.

Also greeted by the Worthy Matron were 13 Past Grand Matrons & Patrons; 12 Deputy Grand Lecturers: including Sister Regina Widderich the Deputy assigned to Daughters of Job Chapter No 74; 12 Grand Representatives, 21 Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons of other Chapters; 15 Chairman, Co-Chairman and Secretary / Treasurers of Standing and Special Committees; Sister Judy Hall, wife of the Worthy Grand Patron; Brother Kevin Hribar, husband of the Worthy Grand Matron; approximately 30 Past Matrons and Past Patron, officers, members, visitors and Honorary Members of Severna Park Chapter.

Joining the Hive Hoppers Club were Karen Smith, Debbie Raynovich, Stacey McNeely and Ken McNeely. This is the home Chapter of the Junior Past Grand Matron Linda Sanner and Mary Jane Tegler.

With this the last Grand Visitation meeting the Worthy Grand Matron addressed the Associate Grand Matron Sister Bette Bowen and Associate Grand Patron Brother Bill Gunn and told them their installation was 2-½ months away, also she spoke to the Grand Conductress Sister Claudia Eaton and the Associate Grand Conductress and told them to enjoy the upcoming Sessions. She thanked Sister Jean Chance and Jon Thompson for their year of service. She also spoke to the Grand Family pointing out that Sisters Elaine Niemeyer and Loretta Donaldson did not miss a grand visitation meeting all year. She thanked the traveling companions of the grand officers and lastly thanks to one and all for supporting this grand year and said she is looking forward to Sessions later this spring and being with all the members. This being the first grand visitation meeting at Daughters of Job for the Junior Past Grand Matron Sister Linda Sanner many of the members of her grand family were in attendance including: Debbie Hribar, David Hall, Bette Bowen, Claudia Eaton, Joan Bachtell, Gloria Terrell, Maureen Cole, John Ertel, Harris Dolan and Leslie Gilliam.

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Remember this: We live in the land of the free because of the brave! Thank a soldier today!

March 1 Cecil County celebrated the delivery of mail inaugurated in Elkton in 1922. Gee, I wonder if that was a Saturday!

March 1 in U.S. history: the first census began in 1790. Ohio became the 17th state in 1803 and Nebraska became the 37th state in 1869.