"The students did a great job lobbying (for the bill) last year," Getty said. "We're not sure what derailed it, but we're hoping for smooth sailing this year."

Roland Meerdter, chairman of the Carroll County Liquor Board, requested legislation that would substantially increase the annual fees that liquor stores, bars and restaurants pay for liquor licenses.

The proposal has the backing of both the Board of Commissioners and the Carroll County Licensed Beverage Association.

Meerdter said the fee increases would not create a financial surplus for his agency.

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"We just want to pay our way. I only have one inspector for the whole county," he added. "These (current) fees are from (President) Eisenhower's reign."

Representatives from Maryland State Chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association, an organization that promotes hunting education and the maintenance of a sustainable white deer population, joined with the Carroll County Sportsmen's Association, which advocates for hunters and gun safety, in requesting a bill to lengthen the deer hunting gun season deer and permit Sunday hunting.

E.W. Grimes, director of QDMA, said extending the gun season by two weeks and permitting hunting on several Sundays during the season would help manage the county's deer population, which one county resident described as, "out of control."

A spokesman in Krebs' office said the subsequent House delegation meeting went over many of the same bills as the Senate session.

Some of the other issues facing the delegations include proposals:

• to allow for the issuance of winery special event permits for farmers markets on one day each week

• to prohibit the state's Secretary of the Environment from adopting regulations requiring installation of a metering device on a private water or sewerage systems for the purpose of issuing fees.