Nonperishable foods

Water (one gallon per person per day for at least three days for drinking and sanitation)

First-aid kit

Local maps

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Customers should consider filling the fuel tanks of their vehicles, in case a power outage affects service to gas stations.

Customers who rely on well water, should consider filling a bathtub with water in advance of severe weather.

After long periods of heavy rain

BGE prepares for the potential of outages related to overhead power lines and outages caused by flooding, in cases where water enters gas and electric meters.

In cases where flooding affects equipment, customers are responsible for all wiring, pipe, appliances, breaker boxes and any other gas or electric-related equipment or service inside the home or business. Customers are urged to consider the following safety tips:

• Proceed with care if you have experienced flooding in your basement and or other areas of your home.

• Do not enter a room with standing water, particularly if the water covers electrical outlets or electrical cords that are plugged into outlets.

• Ensure the electrical system is shut off before entering a flooded room or basement.

• Do not attempt to shut off your electrical system if you have to stand in water or on a wet floor to do so.

• If you experience flooding, do not turn on any lights or appliances without having a inspection performed by a licensed electrician and by a registered plumber with a gas fitter's license for gas appliances.

For more information about BGE storm preparation and how customers can protect their families and property, go to

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