Officials for Carroll County Emergency Operations said Thursday they are monitoring the projected path of Hurricane Sandy, and that weather models from the National Weather Service indicate the hurricane will strike land somewhere between New York and Maryland — impacting the area Sunday evening, and perhaps lasting through as Tuesday.

Officials said high winds and rain are expected and may cause some flooding and power outages.

During the storm, the county will post weather related information on various county websites and social media outlets, and will also communicate with the media.

Below is a list of links to obtain hurricane related information:

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Office of Public Safety Facebook:

Carroll County Government website:

Carroll County Government Twitter: @CarrollCoMD

Carroll County Access Channel 24

BGE asking residents to be prepared

Meanwhile, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company is also preparing for the possibility of weather-related outages this weekend and into early next week, and is urging residents to have a plan in place, should they be without power for an extended period of time.

Customers are encouraged to take steps to prepare for extended outages:

Stay informed — Stay aware of changing weather conditions and plan ahead. Have a battery-powered radio with a weather band so you can hear emergency information when the power is out.

Make a plan — Discuss and document an emergency plan with those in your care that includes alternative arrangements should you need to leave your home. Make provisions for special needs of any family member such as the elderly, handicapped, medically affected or infants. If you are dependent on electric-powered medical equipment, seek alternate arrangements in case electric service is interrupted. For special outage planning information, call 800-685-0123.

Make a list of emergency phone numbers (including 877-778-2222 to report an outage to BGE) and keep a personal telephone book and one corded phone or a cell phone on hand.

Build an emergency kit, keeping in mind supplies for children, those with special needs and pets. Have the following items available:

Flashlights – not candles

Fresh batteries

Battery-operated clock radio

Corded telephone

Fully charged cell phone