It's a good thing the Karwacki twins are going to the same college (Robert Morris University) because they know each other's jokes will never bomb.

"We were telling jokes the other day and Jessica started to tell a joke and Corey was laughing hysterically before the joke was even finished," Ensor said. "She knew what was going to happen."

When they are not giggling, Jessica has no trouble defending her twin.

"Jessica takes up for Corey all the time in a very cute, appropriate way," Ensor said. "It's really nice and they really look out for each other."

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"I will ask her (Jessica) what I did wrong or what I need to fix and she'll tell me," Corey said. "For someone else, it would be like, 'You're doing fine,' but she will actually tell you the truth."

The truth hurt during Jessica's sophomore lacrosse season when she found out she had a stress fracture in her tibia and was forced to missed the season.

"It stinks when one is playing and the other is on the bench," said Jessica, who watched the following season when Corey missed the beginning of lacrosse season with a stress fracture in the tibia of her opposite leg.

They were together again this season and provided at least one lasting memory.

"We did a give-and-go," Corey said. "She got the draw and passed it to me and I passed it back — and she got the goal."

Alex and Alyssa Gianotti

Scoring goals is not important to Alyssa, but stopping them is vital (48 saves through 13 games).

When one leaks past, Alex lets her know it.

"I glare, like when she knows she should have had it, she gets a glare, and I'll say, 'Why didn't you save that?'" Alex said. "I wouldn't say that to MC, and I wouldn't say it to anyone else on the team."

She also didn't wrestle or race in the pool against anyone else on the team like she did against her older sister when they were younger.

"We are pretty competitive," Alex said.

"We are very competitive," Alyssa responded.

Although Alex spends more time on the sidelines as a reserve, she cherished the opening game of the season, when the Bulls beat Fallston, 8-6. She shared the sidelines with sister Alyssa while MC Abbott started in goal.

"She was on the bench with me and I've never seen her like that," Alex said.

"We just had a good time together because she's a cheerleader," Alyssa responded. "So I was like 'Alex, lead us in a cheer.'"

Alex is a fall cheerleader and plays basketball in the winter with her sister, and appreciates a strong performance like the one Alyssa produced in a 10-3 win over Perry Hall on Senior Night.