The Vikings were also excited about getting their team T-shirts.

"We finally have everything ironed out," Martin said. "It's taken a couple of weeks of patience and waiting and learning."

Martin also praised new volleyball coach Carla Privateer for her cooperation.

"Carla Privateer has been awesome, so helpful," Martin said. "She and I sat down and ironed out a practice plan. I have to give her a lot of credit. She has sacrificed a lot to help these kids and I can't thank her enough."

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Martin, who started playing badminton in middle school and continued in classes at Towson University, fell in love with the sport when a former Olympian came to Towson and played against him.

"He played against me and he crushed me, which was awesome, because I don't lose," Martin said.

Now, he wouldn't mind if someday one of his players beats him.

"I hate to say it, but no kid has had a chance to beat me, but some are getting close," said Martin, who is enjoying tougher workouts as the Vikings improve.

Bawi would just like to beat his high school peers.

"I still need more experience to win," said Bawi, whose previous badminton experience was in his back yard. "I'm still learning the rules. I never played with lines and stuff and all we did was just hit it back and forth."

Watching badminton during the summer Olympics peaked the interest of his athletes, giving Martin hope that the program can grow.

"Every year we are going to get more and more bodies," Martin said. "It's tough going against a team like Dulaney that has 40 kids, but we have no seniors. There is a lot of room for growth."