Male age group winners

19-and-under: Carus Cookman, Malcolm Peacock and Jacob Digiandomenico.

20-29: Ty Stump, Charles Larsen and Tristan Thomas.

30-39: David Berdan, Adam Driscoll and Jason Miller.

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40-49: Jason Tripp, Chris Chattin and David Phipps

50-59: Dave Berardi, Maurice Pointer and Neville Anderson.

60-and-over: Wilson Trueheart, Bruce Wentworth and Ronnie Wong.

Female age group winners

19-and-under: Mikka Macdonald, Lily Klein and Sarah Harding.

20-29: Jaclyn Truncillito, Lindsay Wilson and Rachel Nerenberg.

30-39: Lisa Levers, Lisa Farias and Sandra Gallagher-Mohler.

40-49: Denise Knickman, Karen Faber and Karen Menge.

50-59: Donna Wecker, Alison Suckling and Carole Rosasco.

60-and-over: Maria Shields, Kathy Hennes and Aggie Martin.