"It's a really terrible idea to put the Country Club of Maryland in a different district from its neighbors. It's an even worse idea to take Loch Hill out of the district in order to do this," she said. "Loch Hill is a Towson neighborhood with kids in Towson schools and adults who actively participate in Towson's affairs.

"This plan would leave our neighborhood and just one other precinct sandwiched in between three separate districts. The county seat deserves better."

Club wants to stay in 5th, Marks says he'll try

The country club itself would prefer to remain in the 5th District, according to general manager Dick Celeste.

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"The vast majority of our members live in District 5 or District 3," he said. "We are basically a Towson business. We're active in the Towson Chamber of Commerce and have a close relationship with Towson University."

Marks has heard the hue and cry, he said.

His position now is to keep the country club and Loch Hill in the 5th District as well as some of Glendale-Glenmont, even though it will mean splitting the precinct that votes at Loch Raven Academy.

"I have to say that some council members don't want to open that can of worms," he said, noting the there is some cost associated with splitting precincts — new voters cards, poll workers and election judges.

"But my job is to listen to my constituents," Marks said. "That eastern part of Towson wants to remain in the district, and I am doing my best to accommodate them.

"This may include an area I didn't win in the last election, but it's the right thing to do," he said.