The Banneker School Legacy Committee of Catonsville, known as the Banneker Reunion Committee of Catonsville, enjoyed a three-day weekend Sept. 23-25 with students, who attended or graduated from Banneker.

Our vision is to empower and preserve our community.

Our mission is to locate and preserve historical African-American landmarks, recognizing those who contributed to maintaining the legacy of Catonsville history.

Our theme is "Preserving the past to ensure the future."

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This committee has been together for nearly two years. As a wonderful beginning, we contacted many alumni, from all over the world.

Our souvenir booklet has historical facts that will last forever.

Banneker was the only African-American school in this area and drew students from Arbutus, Halethorpe, Granite,Oella, Relay and Randallstown.

Our weekend began on Friday with a get acquainted social.

The processional included former teachers and graduates.

Our speakers were Del. Adrienne Jones and Leslie Lopez Ruffin, from Rising Sun Baptist Church, who represented Del. Emmett Burns.

There were displays from historian Louis Diggs' collection.

Lucille Smith directed the music, along with DJ Scratch.

John Taylor, former teacher showed his other talent by dancing with former student Phyllis King.

Saturday began with a continental breakfast, team games, cookout and "Kinderman" presentation, then socializing.

Our speaker was David Greene, Class of 1954, who is a great educator.

Patsy Henderson McDougal gave the history of Banneker.

April Richardson Pryor read Maya Angelo's poem "Still I Rise" with passion.

Children demonstrated the traditional wrapping of the Maypole. Those dancers were Alyssa King, Caitlin King, John King, Na'ima Palmer, Jasmine Lewis, Anaya Pope, Erica Pope and Adanya Hicks.

The evening ball was a tribute to the music department of Banneker School, which educated Weldon Ervine and Elvira Gosnell.

The following alumni were present for this historic gathering: Eva Brooks (oldest living teacher), Shirley Thomas, Edmonia Yates (wife of former physical education teacher), John Cunningham, Irving Green (teacher) and wife, Dorothy, and John "Kinderman" Taylor.