Vahlsing said he has also requested a speed camera, and that Quirk's office has forwarded that request to the county police department.

Vahlsing also said he would like to see more sidewalks near the school and a crosswalk at Old Frederick and Devere.

"Once you get to the end of the school property, the sidewalks are gone," he said.

And he has proposed other measures, ranging from crossing guards to radar to making the area a school zone with a flashing yellow light, a speed limit sign and enforcement.

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"The best thing, obviously, would be to have some kind of police presence there or a crossing guard," Vahlsing said. "I think that's an immediate fix."

Engers wrote in her email to Vahlsing that county officials tried to install sidewalks when a traffic circle was built in the area. But there were topography issues with installing sidewalks and the idea of sidewalks was not well-received by some of the homeowners in the area, who would be responsible for sidewalk maintenance, including snow removal.

Interviews with parents waiting in their cars to pick up their children Oct. 5 yielded mixed reactions on traffic problems.

"I don't really have any problems," said Mark Ford, of Dickeyville, waiting for his daughter, Aide, 5.

Holly Byron, waiting for her son, Jack, 6, said she would love to see a sidewalk from the school to Bryan's Mill Way, about three-quarters of a mile away.

"That would be awesome," she said. "Then most of these kids could probably walk."

Westchester Elementary Principal Peggy DeCrispino said Vahlsing has a point.

"I think high speed would be my biggest concern," she said. "Police are out there sometimes in unmarked cars. I think anything they could do to make folks a little more conscious and aware of their speed would be great."

Vahlsing said something needs to be done soon.

"You're tempting fate," he said.