Edible Art at Catonsville High School

This peacock, made of edible materials by students Kristina Bowman, Kim Gregory and Lacie Ritter, took third in the high school division of the 18th annual Edible Art Show at Catonsville High School March 28. (Staff photo by Brian Krista / April 2, 2012)

Food was the medium of choice Wednesday evening as dozens of artists displayed their cooking and artistic abilities at Catonsville High School's 18th annual Edible Art Show.

From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches arranged to look like an iPod to a replica of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" done in frosting, the works dabbled in realism and the abstract, in the new and the retro.

Catonsville High seniors Katie Broussard, Hannah Jeffrey, Seamus Ertel, Clay McCoy and Duncan Berr used Rice Krispies Treats from six boxes of Rice Krispies and 17 bags of marshmallows to create Carl the Crocodile.

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Their four-foot crocodile was also the top choice of voters as won first prize in the community and high school division.

Fourth-grader Sydney Hogarth, her sister, Kendall, in second grade, and fifth-grader Jami Citko took home first prize in the elementary school division for their replica of a crab feast.

The Catonsville Elementary School students used Rice Krispies Treats for the crabs, Kix cereal for the corn on the cob and Jell-O for the butter and Diet Pepsi.

A group of seventh- and eighth-grade students from Heritage Instructional Services took first place in the middle school division for its series of colorful African masks made from cookies and candy.

Unlike art in a museum, these works were meant to be only temporary.

By 7:30 p.m., the crowd had gone from enjoying the art to gobbling the cupcakes, digging up cake with a spoon and tearing off Rice Krispies Treats from various sculptures.