• Fellowship Forest: Patricia and Peter Santori, 500 block Hickory Lane.

Greenbrier: Elizabeth Dunn, 500 block Brook Road.

• Knollwood: Kim and Jonathan Bandell, 900 block Fairway Drive.

• Lutherville: Marie and David Frederick, 200 block Morris Avenue.

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• Rodgers Forge: Gina Marie and James Fischer, 200 block Stanmore Road.

• Ruxton: Susan and Robert Aumiller, 300 block West Wind Road.

• Southland Hills: Patricia and David Jackson, 400 block Alabama Road.

• Stoneleigh: Jane and Brian Schaffer, 800 block Stoneleigh Road.

• West Towson: Carey and Thomas Mitchell, 800 block Chestnut Glen Garth.

• West Towson: Judy Wine, 500 block Charles Street Avenue.

• Wiltondale: Terry and Robert Grothmann, 500 block Wilton Road.

• York Manor: Ben Grimm, unit block Haddington Road.