50 Years Ago

An article in the Nov. 15, 1962 edition of the Herald Argus and Baltimore Countian reported that a tense standoff between police and a troubled man holding his family hostage ended with no serious injuries.

Scores of police officers were on hand to assist Capt. Clarence L. Bradley of the Wilkens police station in subduing a 44-year-old resident of the 4700 block Belwood Green early last Friday morning. The man, reported to be a former mental patient, terrorized his wife and three children, ages 18, 12 and 8, with a loaded pistol for more than three hours.

The family minister was contacted in an effort to reason with the disturbed man by telephone, but without success. The Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department and ambulance crew were finally able to get the three children from an open window on the second floor, and Lieut. Walter Stanco and Officer Wilmer Ewing subdued him.

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While Dr. Earle W. Koons, of 1100 block Northern Parkway, was treating a patient on Meridale road, two youths were observed removing two medical bags from his parked car. The bags contained over $180 worth of drugs and equipment. Later, Clem Sturm of Malbrook road found the bags on the east side of Mallow Hill road with everything intact.


Henry R. Miller of Oella avenue notified police that while examining a fender of his recently purchased car, he discovered four bottles of medicine and five eye droppers. It is believed that the bottles may contain drugs. The bottles have been turned over to the Narcotics squad for processing.


While on a routine patrol at Baltimore National Pike and St. Agnes Lane on Nov. 8, Corporal Raymond R. LeRendu stopped to check a car with two teenagers. It was learned that the boys had run away from their homes in Thompsonville, Conn. at 2:30 a.m. the same day. Alcoholic beverages were in the vehicle, according to police. Parents of the boys were notified.

Material from archives courtesy of the Catonsville Historical Society.