The sisters in charge of Ascension Church School have returned to Halethorpe after spending the summer at the Mother Home in Indiana. The same Sisters have returned who were here last year and will occupy the same positions.


An automobile stolen some days ago from W. W. Ripple of Osborne Avenue, Catonsville, was found during the past week on Orem's road, near Stemmer's Run. All four wheels and the battery had been removed.

Margaret Henkelman, a young girl from Fort Howard, found the car while taking a bicycle ride.

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With only a few days left to complete preparations for their coming show, the Village Players are busy rehearsing for their opening performance next Wednesday, September 1. The performance is to be repeated on Thursday night, both to be given at the Catonsville High School for the Christmas fund of the Children's Aid Society of Baltimore county. Rehearsal was held last Sunday at Pines-on-the-Severn, the summer home of Clarence De Haven, who is directing the production.

100 Years Ago

An article in the Aug. 31, 1912, edition of The Argus reported on the progress on new roadways in the Lansdowne area.

The work of improving the roads through Eden Terrace with tarred macadam and concrete gutters is progressing rapidly and will be completed within the next three or four weeks. The work will cost about $15,000 and will be paid for by the residents of Eden Terrace and the Eden Construction Company, of which Mr. Victor G. Bloede is president.


Work of extending the Baltimore county fire alarm system through the Thirteenth district has been nearly completed. Alarm boxes are being installed at Relay, St. Denis, Halethorpe and Lakeland. The Catonsville Engine Company, which has one of the fastest automobile engines in the county, will respond to all alarms from those villages.


The new store, bakery and dwelling under construction for George Heinmuller, near the First National Bank, is rapidly nearing completion and will be ready for occupancy about the middle of October. The building is of brick and will be fitted with every modern improvement. William C. Espey is the contractor.


In putting newspapers in your windows when you shut up your house to go on your vacation, be sure (not) to use daily papers. They are printed on cheaper paper than the weeklies and soon assume a yellow tinge that indicates to the passerby that you have been away for a long time.


The members of the Catonsville Volunteer Hose Company have arranged for a day's outing next Monday, at the Irene Shore, Dundalk. The day will be given over to fishing, crabbing and bathing and meals will be prepared by members.


A sale of home made cake, candy, bread, jelly and preserves, for the benefit of Grove Methodist Church, on the Johnnycake road, was held Wednesday at the home of Miss Ethel H. Crosby, of Beaumont avenue, Wednesday afternoon. The following ladies had charge of the tables: Miss Keys, Miss Cline, Mrs. Charles Cook, Mrs. William Eitmiller, Mrs. C. Eitemiller, Mrs. Henry A. Nagle and Mrs. Gorman.

Material from archives courtesy of the Catonsville Historical Society.