An article in the Aug. 24, 1912, edition of The Argus reported on slim hopes for an elderly woman's recovery after she fell down a flight of steps in the middle of the night.

Falling down a flight of steps while walking in her sleep early Friday morning of last week, Mrs. Elizabeth A. Henry, 87 years old and mother of Mrs. John H. Deuber, is in a critical condition at the home of her daughter on Oakdale avenue, and may die.

Her body is a mass of cuts and bruises. Her advanced age is against her recovery, and the physicians hold out little hope to the members of her family.

The accident happened before daylight. Other inmates of her home were awakened by a heavy fall and rushed from their rooms to find Mrs. Henry unconscious at the foot of a flight of stairs leading from the first to the second floor.

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Miss Ethel H. Crosby, secretary of the Woman's Civic League, of Catonsville, claims to be the champion peach grower of this village, and has on exhibition at her home, on Beaumont avenue, peaches gathered from her orchard which measure 10 inches in circumference. Miss Crosby also has on exhibition a lot of large potatoes, of the "Irish Cobbler" variety, grown in her garden.


Residents of Rognel Heights, a little hamlet on Edmondson avenue, near Catonsville, have been considerably annoyed in the past few nights by chicken thieves. Although no heavy losses have been reported, several residents have had six or eight fowls stolen in one night.

Anyone prowling about the Heights after midnight say hennery owners, is liable to be greeted with a charge of buckshot. The Catonsville police are making an effort to run down the thieves.


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hahn had a narrow escape from serious injury Saturday evening when their automobile went over an embankment on the Rolling road.

Mr. Hahn was driving and attempted to wipe some oil from the steering wheel when he lost control and the machine plunged to the side of the road. Mrs. Hahn was thrown against the wind shield and was badly cut over the upper lip and cheeks. The front axle of the automobile was broken and the front of the machine badly damaged.

75 Years Ago

An article in the Aug. 20, 1937 edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian reported the alert actions of a local policeman led to the arrest of two armed car thieves.

Officer J.J. Schwartz of the Halethorpe Police arrested two young men who were driving a stolen car with District of Columbia plates on the Washington Boulevard last week.

An automatic pistol was found in their possession.


Carl Ehrhardt, farmer, of Woodlawn, sustained a fracture of the right leg on Wednesday. Mr. Ehrhardt was at the Gwynnbrook Distillery when he slipped and fell as he was cranking his car.

He was taken by ambulance to the office of Dr. A. C. Smink of Baltimore.