An article in the July 27, 1912 edition of The Argus remarked on the damage to prominent Catonsville landmark.

During the storm on Sunday, July 14, one of the largest and most symmetrical walnut trees in Baltimore county was struck by lightning, the bolt splitting the bark in six different places. The tree is on the property owned by Mr. Edward L. Graham, known as Graham Place, extending from the Old Frederick road to the Rolling road.


The second lap of cement sidewalks for Relay is well under way. The first lap was from the Relay schoolhouse to St. Denis Station, a distance of one mile: the second lap will be from the intersection of Arlington, Cedar and Rolling roads to Relay Station, a distance of three-quarters of a mile.

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The walk is 40 inches wide and is put down 18 inches deep. The money was raised for the paving by a special tax levy and the work is being carried on under the direction of the Relay Improvement Association.


This is the season for mad dogs. It will therefore be wise to keep a close watch, even on the best tempered of these animals, and to be especially cautious of strangers and tramps. The heat is generally supposed to be responsible for the rabies, and even the best intentioned dogs may become afflicted. Do not let children play with dogs.


The new automobile fire truck for the Arlington Fire Department will arrive the later part of next week. This will make five automobile fire engines in Baltimore county, including the automobile truck of the Pikesville Volunteer Company. The County Commissioners Thursday night formally inspected and accepted the new automobile hook-and-ladder truck of the Roland Park Fire Department. An informal parade was held through the principal thoroughfares following the inspection.

75 Years Ago

An article in the July 23, 1937 edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian wished a popular civil servant well on running his new business in retirement.

Patrolman Ralph W. Smith, popular member of the Halethorpe police force, has resigned his position as special officer and station house keeper to devote all his time to the electrical contracting business. his fellow officers and many friends wish him success in his business venture. Mr. Christian Kessler of Lansdowne has been appointed to the vacancy.


Last Saturday evening, the Halethorpe Fire Department was called to extinguish a fire in a chicken coop located on property owned by Harry Shoffrey on First Avenue, Arbutus. The chicken coop, which was completely destroyed, was located only seven feet from a garage. The garage was saved.


George E. Beatty died inSt. Agnes Hospital a few hours after the laundry truck he was operating was struck by a Pennsylvania Railroad train on the Selma avenue crossing at Halethorpe last Saturday.

Track repairman working down the right of way from the crossing said they saw the west-bound truck slowly start across the tracks, then saw the train approaching and heard it whistle. They shouted at the driver, they said, but apparently he heard neither them nor the train.

When the Iocomotive of the train, bound from Philadelphia to Washington, struck the machine, Beatty was hurled thirty feet into a clump of bushes. The truck was demolished, part of it was carried for more than one hundred feet along the tracks.

The driver was taken to the hospital by passing motorists. Physicians there said he had suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries.