An article in the Jan. 13, 1912, edition of The Argus reported on the lonely death of an elderly resident.

Hezekiah Boyce, a former negro minister, about 80 years old, was found frozen to death in his shanty on Powers Lane, about two miles northwest of Catonsville, Monday afternoon by Patrolman Stevens, of the county force.

Boyce, who lived by himself, had been missing for several days and neighbors notified police. Patrolman Stevens went to the shanty, forced the door and found the aged negro laying on the floor between the bed and the old stove and covered with a few old blankets.


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Anxious to get their icehouses filled as soon as possible, many residents of Baltimore county are cutting ice from their ponds this week. The ice is from 4 to 6 inches thick, and from all reports, a good harvest will be made this season.


Mr. Charles Griesacker, a student at St. Charles' College, fell from a sled Thursday and broke his leg.

Harry Smallwood, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Smallwood, slipped on the ice on Edmondson avenue last Sunday morning and broke his right arm at the wrist. Dr. J. Charles Macgill attended him.


Quite the nicest entertainment that has been given in Catonsville for a long time was the one given Tuesday night at the High School by the Women's Civic League, for the benefit of the school planting fund, and Mrs. Howard Bland, Mrs. Samuel Pennington, Miss Annette Chase and Miss Nellie Warner deserve all the praise they got, and a great deal more.

The Folk Dances made a decided hit, and each one was so cleverly done that it would be hard to decide which was the best, but better than all was the earnestness with which the children themselves worked to make the entertainment a success, showing that civic pride is just as strong in them as in the grown people. The children take a great pride in their splendid school building, and are willing to work hard, as this entertainment plainly showed, to have the school grounds the finest in the State of Maryland.

75 Years Ago

An article in the Jan. 8, 1937, edition of The Catonsville Herald and Baltimore Countian recognized a local champion on the feline kind.

Champion Maryland Queen, an orange-eyed white Persian, who is owned by Mrs. Herman Reich, 412 Ingleside Avenue, Catonsville, was rated the best white female cat in the Baltimore Cat Show held in December, winning more than enough finals to complete her championship in the C.F.A. She also won many ribbons, trophies and money. On December 5 and 6, she was in the Virginia Cat Show held at the Mason Hotel in Alexandria and was again rated as the best white female, winning first prize in the Champion Class.

Her latest prize was won at the show held in Philadelphia at the Lorraine Hotel on December 17 and 18, where she won first Champion class, trophy, and money. She loves a show and is greatly admired by all.


Purchase of fifteen new buses for the Viaduct-Halethorpe line of the Baltimore Transit Company has been authorized by its board of directors, it was announced on Monday.

The new units are expected to end congestion on that line, particularly in the Halethorpe area, whence a series of complaints concerning overcrowding has been made to the Public Service Commission within recent weeks. The buses are expected to be placed in service as soon as they are delivered, within three or four weeks.

It was made known at the same time that the company may include in the order one unit powered with a Diesel engine to test the value of this type of bus, which uses a cheaper type of fuel than gasoline-motored buses.