Antoszewski was on the It's Academic team at Cardinal Gibbons School as a freshman and continued that involvement after the all-boys Catholic high school closed and he transferred to Catonsville High.

When possible, the team split up responsibilities. For example, the trio divided the world's continents among them and designated one person to know the capital cities for each country in that continent, Deneke said.

Two days before the Super Bowl, Deneke and Antoszewski said they would watch the recording that will be televised on June 23 at 7 p.m., regardless of the outcome.

On Monday, they said they would likely get together for only the Baltimore area championship, which airs the same day at 10 a.m.

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Blair, who has participated in It's Academic for three years and served as its captain for the past two, said he has mixed emotions about the end of his career.

"It's definitely been a memorable part of my high school experience," said Blair, who will attend the University of Virginia in the fall. "I'm more happy than sad because this is the best that Catonsville has done."

Blair said he will try to come back and watch some of his teammates' competitions, especially if they return to the Super Bowl, a strong possibility.

Catonsville High is "one of the teams that people are nervous to play in the first round," Blair said.

"I think we'll be good again next year," Deneke said

"We're going to go back to the Super Bowl again," Antoszewski predicted. "We have one person to replace next year. We'll see who steps it up."

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