Instead of solely relying on M&T Bank's sponsorship and its connection with Artscape, the gallery has taken to the Internet to build interest , Buckingham said.

"We've moved very digital lately because it seems to get a greater response," Buckingham said.

The gallery has a Facebook page and Flickr site, which hosts images. Soon, the gallery may start a Twitter account, Buckingham said.

Diana Marta, an Oella artist featured in the exhibit, appreciates the support of M&T Bank and CCBC but said an artist makes art no matter how many people see it.

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Marta, who has two works at the exhibit, created "100 Boat Current" by folding magazine pages into boats. The boats were placed as a single fleet that extended from about eight feet high on a wall to the floor and back onto the wall.

Another work, "Security Blanket," features losing lottery tickets stitched together as a quilt.

Though she likely would have made these works regardless of if they were seen, Marta said it's satisfying when people observe and respond to her work.

"One would hope that if your artwork is available to see on a regular basis that if they have time they will come and see it," said Marta, who has displayed work and curated at CCBC art galleries before.

"They put a lot of effort into making sure the exhibit is known about," she said. "I think it has had a good response so far."

The bank's marketing assistance included encouraging its area branches to hand out information about the gallery to bank patrons.

In addition, the bank funded a reception on July 9 that included a jazz pianist who played as 80 people perused the exhibit, said Nicole Buckingham, the gallery director.

"Eighty during the school year is a good number," Buckingham said of the unusually high summer turnout.

Despite the reception's high attendance, the overall number of visitors is lower than during the school year, Buckingham said.

"There have been fewer people (visiting) just because of it being the summer," Buckingham said, noting classes often tour exhibits during the school year.

"But the response to Re:Purpose has actually been really really good."