Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok share new location

Rohit Chawla relied heavily on the ayurvedic philosophy of living in harmony with nature when he relocated his popular vegetarian eatery, Mango Grove, this year. From the design of the open kitchen to the wall of windows overlooking a small lake to the combinations of spices used in the recipes, Chawla did more than simply move his restaurant a few blocks down Dobbin Road.

His goal is to provide meals “that benefit the body, not just satisfy your stomach,” he says. “The spices that are chosen for the dishes not just complement the dish, but supplement it.

“There are more than 80 foods that grow in the earth that are used in our cooking,” he says. “With the spices that are available, what you create is magic.”

Mango Grove, which offers vegan and vegetarian dishes such as vegetable samosas, Shorba (aromatic bowls), Dosai and oothappam, shares a roof with Chawla’s other restaurant, Mirchi Wok, which features traditional Indian cuisine such as Nepalese momos, chicken tikka chaat salad, fresh-baked naan, biryani, kebabs and dakshin fish curry.

Although diners can order off either menu, the two kitchens are operated separately, with different chefs and utensils.

Chawla has plans to use the open kitchen for cooking demonstrations and tastings.

Mirchi Wok/Mango Grove, Lakeside Retail Center, 8865 Stanford Blvd., Columbia. 410-884-3426 or for Mango Grove; 410-730-4689 or for Mirchi Wok

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