Editor's note: Summer, savings and sweet frozen treats

On a recent (uncharacteristically early) trip to the grocery store, I encountered a different breed of shopper. She was a couponer. I’d heard of these super-savers but never witnessed one in action.

Armed with a bulging binder full of meticulously organized coupons and deals, she managed to leave with a cart-full, having spent $11. She even doled out coupons to the shoppers around her in line.

I had a mere basket of items and somehow spent $30 (including buying sale brands, using my discount card and taking advantage of buy one, get one free on chicken breasts, mind you).

The experience made me want to get “in” on her secrets and methods. Turns out a lot of shoppers today are able to accomplish amazing feats with coupons. In our story “Hey, Big Saver!” on page 47, local couponers share their tips about the time and effort that goes into saving big bucks at the store, and just what it is about scoring a deal that is so addictive.

Once you’ve conquered all that grocery shopping, why not celebrate your savings and the beautiful summer weather with a picnic? Check out our story “Alfresco all-stars” on page 30 for a rundown of the best picnic spots in Howard County.

Top off the day with a visit to one of the county’s growing number of self-serve frozen yogurt joints. We’ve got the scoop on all those quirky flavors and toppings in “Sweet Spots”.


Wishing you a fun-filled summer!

Jennifer Broadwater, Editor

Howard Magazine

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