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April 21st : 7:30 p.m.
Daily (April 25th through April 27th) (Kansas City Royals); Daily (April 29th through April 30th) (Pittsburgh Pirates); Daily (May 9th through May 11th) (Houston Astros); Daily (May 12th through May 14th) (Detroit Tigers); Daily (May 22nd through May 25th) (Cleveland Indians); Daily (June 6th through June 8th) (Oakland A's); Daily (June 9th through June 11th) (Boston Red Sox); Daily (June 12th through June 15th) (Toronto Blue Jays); Daily (June 23rd through June 25th) (Chicago White Sox); Daily (June 27th through June 29th) (Tampa Bay Rays); Daily (June 30th through July 3rd) (Texas Rangers); Daily (July 9th through July 10th) (Washington Nationals); Daily (July 11th through July 13th) (New York Yankees); Daily (July 29th through July 31st) (L.A. Angels of Anaheim); Daily (August 1st through August 3rd) (Seattle Mariners); Daily (August 8th through August 10th) (St. Louis Cardinals); Daily (August 11th through August 13th) (New York Yankees); Daily (August 25th through August 28th) (Tampa Bay Rays); Daily (August 29th through September 1st) (Minnesota Twins); Daily (September 2nd through September 4th) (Cincinnati Reds); Daily (September 12th through September 14th) (New York Yankees); Daily (September 15th through September 17th) (Toronto Blue Jays); Daily (September 19th through September 21st) (Boston Red Sox)
April 19th : 8 a.m.
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