The Printing House Condo in the West Village may need to be renamed the 'Tiger Pad.'

Rumors have recently been flying that the golf star and recently divorced super-swinger has had his eye on the spacious loft located at 421 Hudson Street.  However, now it's being reported that Tiger Woods has already quietly moved in.

PIX 11 News attempted to get a definite answer from people inside the building -- but everyone we spoke with remained tight lipped on the issue.     

"No comment, no comment," the doorman told PIX 11 News.
A construction worker outside the Hudson Street building also acted dumbfounded.

"I don't know who Tiger is," he said.
One of the partners that owns the building told PIX 11 News they would never comment on any of their residents.
If it is true, Nate Dwyer can't wait to meet his new neighbor.

"If he sees me down at Chelsea Piers I would love a couple of golf tips I'm always at the driving range," said Dwyer.

Allen Samuels said he wouldn't mind befriend the greatest player in the game.

"He's a magnet, if he gets the woman I'm down for it, I won't have to work that hard," said Samuels.

It's the women in the neighborhood that don't seemed as thrilled about the arrival of Tiger.       

"I'm not crazy about Tiger so he can do what ever he wants," said a woman who only say her name is Jessie.