Reduce the risk of cancer, stave off depression, and improve brain function. You can help your kids do all of the above, and more, simply by adding certain foods to their diet. Yahoo! Shine's parenting editor Mira Jacob was here with eight power foods that pack the particular nutritional punch needed for kids' growing and developing bodies.

• Blueberries - One of the healthiest fruits due to their antioxidants which protect against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and improve brain function. With low-sugar cereal or in low fat Greek yogurt.

• Tofu - Especially important for young girls due to its protect affect during and after development. Tofutti 'ice cream,' or boiled and salted edamame.

• Tomatoes - Actually become healthier when cooked,which makes them easy to serve for a dose of lycopene. Whole wheat spaghetti and ground turkey marinara. Whole wheat English muffin pizza.

• Low Fat Greek Yogurt - Besides the known yogurt benefits (boosts immunity and aids digestion), this yogurt has twice as much protein and less sugar then other variations. Use in dips for carrot sticks, or mix with fruit and low-sugar cereals.

• Cabbage - Contains contains phytonutrients which are said to reduce the risk for many types of cancer and improve digestion. Kids tend to like the mild favor and crunch more then other salad greens. Serves as a great swap out.

• Wild Salmon - Which has more good fat and less mercury than farmed salmon, will help stave off depression and aid in brain development. Teriyaki salmon with edamame.

• Cocoa - When made of 70% pure cocoa and free of alkali, cocoa powder contains concentrations of flavanoids that stabilize blood pressure and boost heart and oral health. No need to hide - Chocolate milk/cocoa is loved by all.

• Black Beans - Great source of protein, fiber, and calcium. Cheese & black bean quesadilla.