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Denise Richards: 'I Want to Protect Charlie'

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One day after actor Charlie Sheen trashed a room at The Plaza Hotel in what's been described as a drunk, naked rampage, his ex-wife Denise Richards is still not divulging details about the incident.

"It's not my place to say what went on. I want to protect Charlie right now and protect my girls and promote my show," Richards said in an interview on PIX 11 News Wednesday morning.

Richards, who is in New York promoting a guest stint on the Spike TV show "Blue Mountain State," was staying at the The Plaza Hotel with her daughters and ex-husband Sheen (in a separate room) when police were called at 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to reports, Sheen had been "out partying" before returning to the hotel with an unidentified woman, and flying into a rage when he discovered his wallet and cell phone missing. Police found him to be "emotionally disturbed" and took him to a nearby hospital.

While Sheen is now back in California, Richards remained in New York with their children.

"Honestly, all I care about are my daughters and protecting them in this situation. They know nothing that happened and I'm really trying to keep it that way," Richards said.

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Hotels and AccommodationsWPIXTelevisionDenise RichardsCharlie Sheen