Pearl of The Pacific

John and Jessica are the first to leave the Pit Stop at 2:56am. Their clue leads them to need a water taxi. The problem, the taxi doesn’t start operating until 7:30am! Every team catches up except for the two that took the 4 hour penalty in the last leg. This is the perfect opportunity for the other teams to suck up to the LA team to receive their second Express Pass. The deal is that the second team in the 6-team alliance will be given the Express Pass. Of course, the second team of that alliance, the father /son, wants the express pass. John and Jennifer play it smart and tell them that they will give them the clue if no one else finds out about the alliance. If people speculate that the 6 teams are working together then the deal is void. This allows Team Dating to receive favors from the other teams and still be on everyone’s good grace.

Drinking Game: this game will surely get you drunk. Every time David and Connor (father and son) mention cancer, take a shot. I am not kidding. If they mention this every episode then I wish they would get eliminated with the quickness.

Its 7:30am and the water taxis are off to the chapel in which the teams’ next clue awaits.


Pick a Pearl or Take a Trunk

In pick a pearl, teams have to dive underwater to find two red pearls. In take a trunk, teams have to open a sunken trunk and set it up for a dining experience. Most teams chose pick a pearl.

Father and Son are first but they ran past their snorkel gear and has to go back to pick it up. Team YouTube has the perfect plan. Joey is a strong swimmer; Meghan is not. He will collect the string of pearls while she waits on the boat to open it. Their plan works as they are the first team to find 2 red pearls and advance to the next clue.

Dave and Connor make up serious ground  and they are in a 4 way heat with John/Jessica and Hockey Players and Youtube. The four teams swim to jet skis to go to the next clue.


As a part of the Polynesian culture, one member has to walk on stilts to kick a coconut 35 yards. If they fall off the stilts, they have to start from the beginning. The balance comes easy for the Hockey Players and they are in first. Connor is hot on his heels. It’s a two team race to the Pit Stop. Dave hurts his Achilles allowing the Hockey Players to come in first.

Stereotyping comes easy

The twins can’t swim and the Asians can’t navigate (the twins are black). The twins waste so much time figuring out if they should even dive down to pick for pearls. They contemplate taking a 4 hour penalty.  They decide to give the detour a try. BUT… they suck at it. They are able take a whole string of oysters but they pick one up at a time. This is time consuming for people who hate the water. They eventually quit to go to the other detour.

Pam and Winnie hop on their WaveRunners without using their map. They drive into the big wide ocean. They are off course and lost a lot of time. By the time the Asians get to the roadblock, the last 2 teams who had the 4 hour penalty caught up. Their 4 hour penalty turned 90 minutes when the teams had to start the leg at 7:30 that morning, lucky break for the Newlyweds and Country Blondes. Pam couldn’t concentrate to kick the coconut but this challenge came easy for Caroline. Her gymnastics skilled helped her balance to zip through this Roadblock and granting their team safety of not getting eliminated.

The twins were eliminated. I guess next time they should learn how to swim before joining the race. Ugh! They make me so mad. Who joins the Amazing Race and fears water???

Race Order


1. Bates and Anthony

2. Connor and Dave (ruptured Achilles??)

3. Jessica and john

4. Joey and Meghan

5. Chuck and Wynona

6. Mona and Beth

7. Jennifer and Caroline

8. Max and Kate

9. Pam and Winnie

10. Idries and Jamil

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