So, yes, better effort in the booth, but I have to say this: At the end of the game when it was still up for grabs, Dierdorf sounded like the Sominex had started to kick in. And it was maddening, especially if you were rooting for the team that won like I was – and wanted the telecast you were watching to somehow reflect or speak to that excitement.

My recollection is that when Dierdorf was in the NFL, he didn’t stop playing in the fourth quarter and start to drift. I wish someone would tell him viewers deserve the same kind of full-game effort from the guys in the booth. The NFL announcing job isn’t  a scholarship for life – a reward for your performance on the field. You are supposed to earn it in the booth, too, if you have any respect for the fans who are watching.

Which brings me to CBS and its decision to bring on Mr. Suh, a guy who was suspended two games for viciously kicking a prone opponent after the whistle blew.

What did they bring him on for in Sunday's pre-game show? So that he could deliver self-serving, public-relations-coached spin-talk about his “growth” as a “young man," I guess.

I am going to write at length on this at my blog, Z on TV, this week. But let me just say here that it made me want to gag to hear Shannon Sharpe say to Suh, “It’s honorable for you to come here.”

“Honorable” to come on a TV show and sit next to show host James Brown so he could walk you through a charade of character rehabilitation and NFL PR hype?  This is, by the way, the same thing Brown did a few years ago on the CBS airwaves for Michael Vick, the convicted dog killing quarterback.

Next week should be better. Despite being a relatively small market, Baltimore will get the first team from CBS of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the game.

Here’s a plea to CBS Sports not to mess with Baltimore’s enjoyment of its telecast by bringing on characters like Suh and insulting our intelligence with talk of honor.

Honorable is going to a place like Afghanistan and defending your country – not coming on a pre-game show and talking image-consultant PR babble.