Welcome to the new Z on TV blog

The Baltimore Sun

Z on TV gets a new look today thanks to an upgrade in software. But you can count on the same hard-edged take on TV and media that you have been finding here for almost three years.

We launched Z on TV late in the summer of 2008 -- in the midst of a landmark presidential campaign. We described the initial focus as that space in American life where media and politics meet. Thanks to the rock star status of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, it was a great place to be.

With the 2012 campaign for the White House kicking into higher gear, this seems like a good time to make this change. Beyond the look of the blog, it will help make us even more competitive.  

The banner at the top of the blog says it is dedicated to the “business, culture and craziness of TV.”  As my duties expanded in recent years to include all media, so has the range of the blog. As media have evolved, so must coverage.

The new software will make a difference in comments. Readers will have to register before becoming commenters. It is a one-time thing, and then you are good to go.

I hope you will register, because one of the greatest pleasures of this blog for me has been the passionate discussions and debates we have had here at Z on TV. And just in the past few weeks with Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann and cable TV coverage of Anthony Weiner’s farewell tour of lies, we’ve had some good and hot ones.  One thing I can promise: More are on the way.

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