New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady greets Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) and quarterback Joe Flacco (5), after the Patriots defeat the Ravens 41-7 in their game in Baltimore on Dec. 22, 2013. (Doug Kapustin/MCT / December 22, 2013)

Maybe it's the holiday season, but some Ravens fans and readers seemed inspired in their comments on the CBS telecast of the Ravens embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots Sunday.

Here's one from Rick Forno. I asked if I could use his full name because I enjoyed it so much and wanted to make sure he got credit for it.

Hi David -

Just to add to your CBS rantage, which I agree with completely, btw......

1) CBS wardrobe folks still living in 2002, apparently.  American flag lapel pins everywhere? Still?

2) CBS logo stitched on their calling teams' blazer pockets?  That's so ... what.....1950s?

3) Can CBS *ever* do more than continually run loops of the first 8-10 bars of their symphonic theme?  After the first 20 times it gets nails-on-chalkboard annoying.

4) CBS sure loves its audio graffiti -- "whoosh!" "click!" "boom!" for graphics and transitions.

5) I remember one game this season when a player went down.  The CBS announcers said "there's an injured player down, so we'll take a timeout."   But didn't tell us who was hurt until AFTER the commercial ended....which we already knew, thanks to Twitter.

6) "CBS StatTraxx"???  Are they trying to be Xfinity-sounding-cool? (sarcasm!)

7) Is it just me or does CBS run far far far more commercials / breaks than NBC or FOX?  Seems like they just can't wait to go to a break.

8) You mentioned about missing the 'stadium experience' on the telecast.  Sad to see CBS use annoying audio-overs when teasing their 'upcoming' programs between points.   The announcers can't just say "Coming up later on CBS....." -- no, they need background music (or tick-tick-tick for 60 Minutes) as well to 'brand' their promo.  No crowd shots or stadium noise.

9) CBS's overall NFL coverage, from pre-show to in-game, just feels "stuffy" and "stale" and as if things are just thrown together each week w/o passion or excitement.

CBS' tagline is "Only CBS" --- they're right.  Only CBS has such horrific production quality.  That's why this season I only caught a handful of Ravens games live ... just on principle.

NBCSNF is the gold standard for production value and commentary during a football game (minus Bob Costas).  Fox is a strong second these days.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to chime in.

Happy holidays anyway, 41-7 notwithstanding.

-- rick

Just because I'm near the punchbowl doesn't mean I'm also drinking from it.

Z responds: I love the punchbowl line. It was the first time I was able to laugh about anything connected with the Ravens' terrible performance.

Here's Zachary with a link to an article on the best/worst NFL announcers: