So, let's see, he was wrong on the Chargers being penalized, and he was wrong on the nature of the penalty on the Ravens. This is how you fail a multiple-guess test.

But the “I hope” line was the real show stopper. Was he hoping the fans would be cheering real soon because it would mean the ruling went in favor of his old team, which would make him a homer’s homer?

Or, did he say “I hope,” because he’s a gasbag who often makes predictions only hoping he’s right because they are not based on insight or knowledge?

As they say in the ads, you be the judge.

He did out-gasbag Dierdorf just before the Ravens' fourth-quarter field goal that tied the game.

“Norv Turner’s going to add a little ice to this,” he said by way of predicting that the Chargers coach would call time out before he would let the Ravens kick.

But guess what? Turner didn’t.


How about Fouts saying Rice’s knee was down on the 35-yard line on Rice’s miracle catch and run, even though the referees had spotted the ball at the 33 ½ yard line in the biggest play of the game? I thought I would go insane listening to Fouts and Eagle say stupid stuff while the referees reviewed the play.

The dumbest moment found both of them wondering how the refs could ever get an accurate measurement after the review, since they had called it first down on the field and moved the chains.

Easy, you fools: They looked at videotape and saw where the chains were when the play was run!

There is more, but I can’t go on. I really can't.

Honest, this telecast was almost too much to bear. I curse CBS Sports for giving us such dreck announcers and third-rate productions, but I thank the football gods for the saving grace of the Ravens winning 16-13 in overtime.