And just as was the case with last week's CBS team, there was more act-like-you-know revisionism as the story line of Flacco-Torrey-Smith became impossible to miss.

"They're starting to flourish," Wilcots said of the Ravens wide receivers. "It's been a point of emphasis the last couple of weeks, and now it's starting to pay off."

Again, if the wide receivers and the passing game were a "point of emphasis the last couple of weeks," why was the pre-game analysis all Ray Rice?

Memo to CBS Sports announcers: Do more legwork, blow less hot air our way. Really, with the money CBS Sports is making on the games, we deserve better than the empty-headed blah, blah, blah being sold as analysis.

One last note: Last week, I wrote about CBS clipping the action on the field for promos. It continued Sunday.

"There was a face-mask penalty while we were away; it will go against St. Louis," Harlan told viewers after a promotional break with 13:16 left in the fourth quarter.

I can only guess what else I didn't see or what I saw on tape that was made to look live.