When I say the crew was sloppy and unfocused, I’m thinking particularly of Thorne in the second inning talking about red-hot Orioles first baseman Chris Davis breaking two bats in Tampa Thursday night near the end of the game.

“It’s either Wonderboy or Wonderbat,” Thorne said of the bat Davis broke, acting like he knew what he was talking about. “Either one of those is the name of the bat.”

What Thorne was butchering with his lack of knowledge and precision was a brilliant quote from Orioles manager Buck Showalter Thursday night in Tampa.

“They broke Wonderboy in that last at-bat,” Showalter said with a perfectly apt and exquisitely wry reference to the magical bat used by Roy Hobbs in Bernard Malamud’s epic baseball novel, “The Natural.”

How could a major league announcer not know that sublime bit of baseball mythology – or Showalter’s reference to it the night before. Maybe Thorne would be better prepared by reading the Sun’s game story.  Eduardo A. Encina opened his Friday account of the game in Tampa with Showalter’s “Wonderboy” quote.

Typical of the level of play-by-play and analysis in the early going was Thorne describing a pitch that fooled Adam Jones in his first at bat as a “great inside something.”

Palmer followed by describing it as “a little, I don’t know, might be that’s his curveball.”

The pitch from Twins starter Liam Hendrix could have been a tight curve that dropped down more than it broke across. It also could have been a backdoor slider or spliter that came out with two much spin. We’ll never know with the kind of play by play and analysis MASN gave us Friday.

I am going to take a pass on Mike Bordick. I’ve probably made enough enemies for one day by being honest about this deeply disappointing telecast of a great opening day victory by a team that seems headed for another exciting season.