Rating even (1.1)

Sunday Night Baseball’s audience also grew this season:

    Viewership up five percent (2,294,000 vs. 2,177,000)
    Households up four percent (1,720,000 vs. 1,656,000)
    Rating even (1.7)

Digital & Mobile Usage – Wednesday, Sept. 28

September 28 was the highest trafficked day of the 2011 regular season for MLB content on ESPN digital platforms. Highlights:

   MLB section had over 2.7 million unique visitors yesterday, up 56 percent vs. average day during the 2011 season
    MLB section logged an average minute audience of 19,000 users, up 65 percent vs. typical day this season
    MLB GameCast generated 500,000 unique visitors, up 205 percent vs. average day in 2011

ESPN Mobile Web
    Yankees/Rays GameCast posted 360,000 unique visitors and 1.9 million total minutes spent
    Phillies/Braves GameCast generated 332,000 unique visitors and 2.6 million total minutes spent
    Red Sox/Orioles GameCast netted 325,000 unique visitors and 1.7 million total minutes spent

    More than 150,000 unique viewers generated nearly 9.2 million minutes with an average time spent of one hour

Digital & Mobile Usage – 2011 MLB Season
    MLB content on ESPN's mobile properties up 27 percent in total minutes and 20 percent in visits compared to 2010
    ESPN.com's MLB section up 25 percent in total minutes and 17 percent in visits over last year