“Instead, this time, I kind of wanted to wink at the audience with the opening,” he explains. “We associate hospitals with life-changing, often-tragic, turning-point events. But they are also places of levity and humanity and great camaraderie between patients and doctors. It’s the human existence that we share in common. And it sweeps away race, it sweeps away age, it sweeps away culture. ‘You’re sick and you’re hurting, and that’s why we do this. We understand what you’re going through.’”

And no filmmaker understands the culture of medicine like Wrong. “NY Med” clinically explores the tolls, triumphs, values and debates among those who practice medicine at the highest levels.

“You’re going to see a surgeon talking about young surgical residents today who in his opinion just want vacation time and quality of life and balance of life, which is, in his opinion, a lot of bulls---hit,” Wrong says. “If you want to be a great surgeon, there is no such thing. ... That’s his attitude.”

Viewers will also see and hear from Dr. Mehmet OzÖ, the TV doctor and talk show host.

Some will surely pre-judge the celebrity presence of Dr. Oz as a ratings ploy. I had my doubts as I sat down to watch. But I came away impressed with both Oz and Wrong’s decision to include him.

“You can hate him for it if you want, but Oz is one of the five top mitral valve surgeons in the world to this day,” Wrong says. “I would go under his knife in a second. … I mean, he’s friggin’ great.”

Still, Wrong says, he didn’t commit to having Oz in the film until he saw footage of him in action.

“I was like, ‘I love this guy. I can’t stop watching him.’ And I don’t think anybody knows he’s still doing this stuff.”



If you watch

“NY Med” premieres at 10 p.m. Tuesday on WMAR (Channel 2).