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Kanye West coming to a wall near you in Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun

If you live around the BMA, the Walters or the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, Kanye West is coming to a wall near you Sunday night.

Or, at least his image, words and music are.

West has been using public walls the last two weeks to promote the "New Slaves" song from his next release, which is expected to be released in June, according to Rolling Stone.

Images of West along with his words and music were projected and broadcast last week off buildings in New York, Chicago, Rome, London, Paris and Berlin, among other cities.

In Chicago, a wall at Wrigley Field was used.

This week, Baltimore is among the U.S. cities involved in West's promotional campaign. His music, image and words will be beamed from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the three sites named above.

There have been projections of words and images on the wall at the Baltimore Museum of Art forever, so that's not new. Music has been an element of such productions as well.

And is using a wall for a projected image that different from using it for a billboard or giant poster?

I guess we'll see Sunday night. But it does seem to be part of a larger story of artists and others  trying to find new media platforms for their messages.

 CORRECTION: An earlier version included an incorrect date.



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