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Jon Stewart, Keith Olbermann get CNN's 'Reliable Sources' treatment

The Baltimore Sun

The hypocrisy and truth issues of Jon Stewart were among the topics debated Sunday on CNN's media review show, "Reliable Sources," with host Howard Kurtz.

Stewart's weak performance last Sunday in an interview with Chris Wallace, of Fox News, and his post-interview whine about how he was edited, were part of the conversation. I called him a liar, while one of the co-panelists called his appearance on Fox and act of "genius." You can guess there might have been a little disagreement.

Of course, everything Jon Stewart does is genius, even when he is dead wrong, as in his attempt to mock the press for trying to get his friend Anthony Weiner to admits his lies.

I did say something nice about Olbermann, though, in that second segment. Honest.

Here's video of the Stewart segment from today's show courtesy of CNN. Click on "more CNN videos" in the lower right hand corner of the screen for a link to the Olbermann video.

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