I even liked the one point in the game where she shifted her form of address out of frustration.

It came with 6:36 left in the game, when viewers knew the Terps were trying to pound the ball into Len thanks to Edwards' reporting.

"Give him the ball, Seth Allen," she yelled as the guard came across midcourt and ignored a wide open Len.

"He just missed Alex Len wide open," explained of her outburst.

I almost missed her explanation, because I was still yelling at Allen to "Look for Len."

Burke appreciated the fine game Len played, and I liked that, too. She and the cameras consistently brought viewers the drama of the battle between Len and Duke's Mason Plumlee.

Her description of Len "going chest to chest" with Plumlee to block a shot was pitch perfect.

"This is a really good bounce-back game for Len," she said with 7:42 left in the game. "And there's a line of NBA scouts watching."

Kudos to the producer, director and camera persons for giving viewers a feel for what it felt like on the court after the fans rushed the floor. I especially liked the hand-held, in-the-middle-of-the-madness shots.

And a final way-to-go to Edwards for the post-game Turgeon interview.