Clinton, Trump supporters view debate through lens of a long campaign

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Clinton-Trump debate: A bad TV night for the reality TV star who would be president

In TV terms, Donald Trump had a pretty bad night. He lost to Hillary Clinton on several levels in their first debate Monday with millions of undecided voters watching.

He started out strong - and looked for about 20 minutes like he was going to do the two things everyone said he had to: seem presidential and not take the bait Clinton was sure to wave in front of him on a variety of matters.

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Frontline offers much needed clarity with Clinton, Trump biographies

If you feel like your head is going to explode with all the hype, spin and madness surrounding Monday night’s debate, check out Frontline’s “The Choice” on Tuesday night for some much needed clarity on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Lester Holt's debate-night job has grown extremely difficult

Lester Holt is taking a big swing tonight for a very special kind of TV-news operative.

The anchors who moderate presidential debates have long walked a tightrope. If they let the candidates prattle on about every talking point, they are perceived as soft.

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Z on TV: Ravens victory gets telecast worthy of a bigger-market game

The announcers, Tom McCarthy and Adam Archuleta, kept their focus primarily on the game, and the producers gave us two replay angles on every play that mattered.

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Clinton, Trump teams will spin on social media as candidates spar on stage

Monday night's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to make television history with the largest audience ever for such an event — exceeding the 80 million in 1980 for Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

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WYPR's 'Out of the Blocks' shares Baltimoreans' stories block by block

In Baltimore, the streets are brimming with untold stories, and Aaron Henkin and Wendel Patrick, producers of the WYPR documentary series "Out of the Blocks," have been on a quest to give residents and business owners a chance to share them, block by block.

With the slogan "One hour of radio. One city block.

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