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Inside 'The Wire': How one author tracked down the details behind the monumental Baltimore TV show

You will not read many author interviews or book reviews on this blog unless a book is something special.

Jonathan Abrams’ “All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The Wire” is something special.

Abrams, a senior writer who who covers the NBA for Bleacher Report, is a superb sports reporter. In this book, he shows he is an outstanding cultural reporter as well.

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Tech-empowered Parkland students are changing the rules of mass-shooting coverage for the better

One of the major media stories from the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last week was the way students used technology to cover the story as it unfolded and are now using social media to play a major role in shaping the national conversation about it.

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Baltimore’s Amazon pitch video, HQ2@PortCovington, doesn’t make the sale

Baltimore needs a better video pitch than the HQ2@PortCovington production that was part of a failed package to get Amazon to come to this city.

I am not saying the three-minute production was terrible. In some ways, it was sound.

But in the highly visual world we find ourselves in, you are going to need something more focused, compelling and aspirational than this to impress a company like Amazon.

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Anna Deavere Smith turns recollections of uprising, Freddie Gray into art in HBO film

The fallout from the death of Freddie Gray is never going to end for Baltimore police. Though none of the officers involved in Gray’s arrest was convicted in a court of law, the stain continues to spread and deepen in the court of public opinion and media memory.

That was the thought I had while watching Anna Deavere Smith’s “Notes from the Field,” which premieres on HBO Feb. 24.

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WBAL anchor Donna Hamilton stepping down after 22 years at station

After 22 years at WBAL-TV, Donna Hamilton will step down from the anchor desk on May 23, the station announced today.

Hamilton is retiring from broadcasting, according to Dan Joerres, president and general manager of the station.

“Donna is a staple of not only this television station, but of the entire community,” Joerres wrote in an email to the Sun.

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Actor who played Bodie in 'The Wire' recalls being 'slammed' to ground by police in Baltimore

With the sins of some Baltimore police officers in the news in recent weeks, this testimony from actor J.D.Williams, who played Bodie in “The Wire,” about his experience with cops here while filming the HBO show seems especially relevant.

His recollection comes courtesy of an engrossing oral history of the series by Jonathan Abrams titled “All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The Wire.”

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