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CBS Sports gets it mostly right in Ravens' win over Green Bay

CBS Sports had me from the opening shot of its telecast of the Ravens’ win over the Green Bay Packers Sunday.

A shot from just above the level of the stadium lights perfectly captured the vast, cold, empty look of the late-November sky in the upper Midwest where I grew up.

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Washington Post offers clarity, Hannity brings confusion to Roy Moore coverage

The saga of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been a sordid one. But there is one uplifting media story line in it that needs to be celebrated: the power of fact-based journalism to provide clarity, change minds and shape events, even in the sea of spin that pollutes our media ecosystem today.

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Zurawik: How Sinclair compromised the news on an Alabama station it owns to support Roy Moore

I have been writing a lot lately about the way Sinclair Broadcast Group has become a leading player in the right-wing echo chamber that includes Fox News and Breitbart.

This is a dangerous development, as all three have used their news platforms as political weapons.

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Sonja Sohn's 'Baltimore Rising' on HBO drills down on life after Freddie Gray

HBO's "Baltimore Rising" opens on a brilliant note.

The documentary directed by Sonja Sohn, of "The Wire," instantly establishes itself visually with an overhead camera shot scanning down and across a row of the boarded-up, crumbling, abandoned row houses that have sadly become the dominant image of this city.

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Four days later, Kevin Spacey's career looks like it's over

The speed with which disgrace can destroy even the most successful careers these days is dizzying.

On Sunday, before BuzzFeed’s publication of allegations from actor Anthony Rapp that Kevin Spacey forcibly tried to have sex with him when Rapp was 14 years old, the star of “House of Cards” was one of the leading international figures on stage or screen.

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'Long Road Home' and the lack of honor in political, media leaders today

We are a nation led by men and women without honor. And that’s one of the reasons so many of us are so angry today.

That’s the thought on which I ended a binge screening late Sunday night of the seven-part National Geographic miniseries “The Long Road Home,” starring Michael Kelly (“House of Cards”).

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