Maryland panel names medical marijuana dispensary winners

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Depictions of race get real, complicated on 'Star,' 'This Is Us'

Since watching "Hairspray Live" Wednesday, with its story of racial relations in 1962 Baltimore, I have been thinking a lot about race and television.

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'Hairspray Live' was like watching Super Bowl — in a good and bad way

Watching NBC’s “Hairspray Live” on Wednesday night was like watching the Super Bowl — in both a good and bad way.

In the end, it was more on the good side in terms of the story and performances. But the bad network business surrounding the songs was almost too much to bear at times.

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NBC News gets it wrong again with image of social unrest in Baltimore

NBC News struck again this week in misusing an image from the social unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray in 2015.

On Tuesday, NBC's "Today" show aired a report on reaction in Charleston, S.C., to a mistrial in the shooting of Walter Scott with an image from Baltimore in April 2015.

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On "Reliable Sources," we take on Donald Trump's lying tweets

Donald Trump gave us a preview last week of how he would use Twitter to govern - bypassing the press as much as possible.

I wrote about in Sunday's paper. You can read that and see my video on it here.

And host Brian Stelter and I talked about it on Sunday's CNN's "Reliable Sources."

You can see that video here.

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A sloppy call by CBS of a big Ravens win over Miami

It was back down to earth Sunday, for Ravens fans have been spoiled this year by the consistently solid work of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts for CBS Sports this season.

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Trump (still) using Twitter bullhorn? Cue the media freakout

If I were more religious, I would be convinced that God sent Donald Trump to test the press.

And so far, the press has mostly failed — with another "F" coming this past week as the president-elect again flexed his Twitter muscles. This time, he introduced the new normal for how information will flow from his presidency through the media ecosystem, with him in control.

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